Miss the old Nickelodeon?









Never fear, thanks to the creators of an awesome site called “nick reboot” you can relive in the 90′s again! To sum up the site there’s a main feed which plays all of the old Nickelodeon shows, commercials, and station id’s in a linear tv format. So, no on-demand or choosing what you want to watch, the system plays things at random. To the left of the feed there is a chat room, which things get pretty chaotic when the show Fifteen (aka Hillside) comes on. I’d recommend making an account, and donating to the site to get the most out of it! They even have a dedicated Roku app, so you can kick back and relive the good ol’ nostalgia filled days.

Give it a go, what do you have to lose!?

You may see me chatting, and posting in the forums from time to time, under the alias: “doug”



Just received Simon Swipe to test out!

A few months back I had visited this link a “Simon Swipe Tester,” and thinking to myself hey there must be thousands of people filling out this same form, I’ll never get one. But, UPS dropped off an unmarked package on my doorstep, return label said it was from some PR company. So, I opened it and low and behold it was the new Simon Swipe game!



It’s a cool game, with a modern spin! It is touch sensitive, no big buttons like classic Simon. But, this game has more to offer than it’s predecessor. It has four unique games in one device: Classic, Levels (16 challenging ones to be exact), Extreme, and Party.

I played it for over an hour and I still couldn’t keep the game away, and it’s hitting store shelves this summer!
Legal: I received this game from Hasbro for free, and there was no financial inccentive for me to write my review of their product.


Things to do on long car rides

It seems that our family is always traveling, we’re originally from Iowa now in North Carolina. Since I was about 10 years old, we would always travel by car. With two younger siblings, there have been times where my parents want to pull their hair out. But, we’ve all found multiple ways to keep occupied during the long drive.

If you love your phone, and other battery powered gadgets go ahead and get yourself a power inverter. I own this one, it’s stylish, and fits in a standard cup holder.


If you’re traveling with a hardcore gamer, or movie buff you may also want to bring along a game console, or a bunch of dvds (assuming you have a tv in your vehicle with the appropriate inputs, and/or a dvd player) this can eliminate a lot of chaos between siblings, because they’ll be too focused on the content rather than endless painted lines on the road.

Coloring books, and crossword puzzles are great for long trips too!

I’ve hoped you’ve found this post helpful!