Start saving money, without thinking

In the current state I’m in it can be difficult when trying to save money. But, a service called Digit aims to help you without you having to think about it. Let me explain.

So, you sign-up and allow them access to your bank account (it’s not scary they’re FDIC insured) and they’ll monitor how you spend for the next few days/weeks and then they’ll start moving bits of money that they see you could be saving to your Digit account. And, they’ll also send you an SMS telling how much they were able to save you today and if you’d like to set aside any more cash.

Also, you can withdraw your saved funds from Digit at any time! With a simple SMS to them telling them how much you want to take out, and your money is back usually the next business day with most banks.

I can tell you that I suck when it comes to start saving money, but Digit is making my life easier.

The video I linked gives a good idea how their service works, oh yeah by the way.. they don’t charge you anything for using their service! How cool is that?

If you want to sign-up today, click here

Want a Free Virtual Assistant?

amyWouldn’t it be nice to have your own virtual assistant? Uh, yeah it would!

The service named although weirdly named, it has a simple goal to schedule meetings for you, and that’s it (for now).

So, let’s say your emailing your coworker Mike about having lunch at Boston Market. Simply CC “[email protected]” and she’ll do the rest of the hard work, and if you connect your Google Calendar your newly scheduled appointment will be there soon.

Amy is half artificial intelligence, half actual human interaction.

If you’d like to have an actual personal assistant that could: order flowers, make phone calls, research, etc. you may want to check out Fancy Hands. is currently in beta, but I submitted my email, and got an invite the same day!

Both, and Fancy Hands are fantastic companies to use!